A bit behind schedule
I have been saving all kinds of good content in the hopes of having a spare moment to post it but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. For now here are a few things from my recent vacation to Lake Tahoe. A somewhat crummy video in low light of a bear attacking our garbage cans [sadly, you will need Real Player]. Um, you can keep your tents, I like solid walls in bear country.

Here are a couple of pictures from this book, Taming and Training Cockatiels, I found at the cabin. I don't know why this book has me in stiches but I think it has to do with the wacky photography. Here is a cockatiel undergoing a 'vent check'. Personally I don't think the bird is too happy to be having his or her 'vent' checked. This picture, I am convinced, is the author of the book at a cockatiel rave. I am not sure if she is in the 'chill room' trying to smoke the bird or what but it's not right I tell you. It's not right.


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