TGIF is not just a bad chain restaurant

Here are some links I have been keeping in a shoebox on my desk. I blew the dust off and am now sharing them with you. Kiss your morning (or afternoon goodbye) if you choose to follow these:

Top 10 Toys from The Seventies (Boy Edition)
I owned 4 out of 10. I thought the other 6 were pretty bitchin' but Santa never delivered them for some reason.

Photo from the Jay Moriarity memorial paddle out :: 6.26.01
I hear it was a pretty emotional event. The 500 surfers present were in 3 circles until Jay's widow, Kim, called for everyone to crowd in so everyone could hear Jay's friends eulogize him. This pic was taken after everyone crowded in. Here is a close-up pic I took of the memorial on 36th Avenue.

Degrassi lives!
This is the next generation. If you, like me, saw this Canadian TV show when it was Degrassi Jr. High and then morph into Degrassi High then ... I don't know what... will be ashamed that you watched it as well? Kevin Smith is rumored to be appearing in the first episode [rumor via buddyhead] .Skankin' Pickle used to play a song called 'I'm In Love With a Girl Named Spike'. Spike was on Degrassi. There is an interview with SP frontman, Mike Park on (who knew) about his fascination with the Degrassi series. BTW, have we ever mentioned that our good buddy Ian Miller over at was the bassist for Skankin' Pickle for about 3 years? He even played on the The Green Album. Even more interesting than that, Ian was also in Hoodlum Empire. You still can't go to a show in Berkeley without some ska/punk kid wearing an old HE t-shirt.

Black Adder - The Collectors Edition
If you like your comedy British and a bit hard to follow then this just released DVD is for you. Rowan Atkinson (Four Weddings and a Funeral,Bean) is a dimwit in the Middle Ages then slowly becomes a dimwit in World War I over 5 seasons on this BBC comedy. I will bet your wife or girlfriend will not want to watch this one with you. Just a bet. Unless she can tolerate The Young Ones then you might have a shot at watching this together.

BMW Films
Download. Watch. Pine for your own 540i. Excellent marketing. Some of the best driving since Ronin.

I like it when you see a niche site that doesn't try and get too fancy. They sell guitar strings online. That's it. Great prices. They don't try and sell you the latest Mariah Carey CD at the end of the shopping experience, which is a nice change. Site design is kinda poor but you gotta love this recent disclaimer on the site:

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: due to the recent increase in postal rates and sky rocketing energy costs, we've been forced to raise our prices by $ .10. Thank you for your understanding.

Guitar Geek
Since were on the subject of guitars, this guy shows layouts of famous and not so famous guitar set-ups. Pedals, Guitars, Amps, Cabinets the works. A couple of my favorites are: Bill McShane of Ultimate Fakebook super stripped down set-up and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead crazy set-up from the OK Computer tour in '97.

More links to come later today...


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