Server server on the rack

Meet Gyro the web server. Gyro now serves and a couple of personal sites but we all know it's main purpose in life... to serve baby pictures.

I finally found a great 2u rackmount case in Los Altos for $100. The saleswoman told me ' We built these for Yahoo but they cancelled their order.' They had them stacked to the ceiling so this could be true. This was a godsend after a very unsuccessful bidding session on eBay. At the final seconds of trying to bid for a 1u rack case, snipers aproached raising my original bid of $100 to $130. I freaked out. I raised my bid a good $50 over what I had planned. I never win anything on eBay. This was no exception. Oh well it all worked out in the end and little Gyro now has a twin-fan cooled home. Thanks to Ev for install help and taking in this straggler.


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