If I wait almost a week to post it will seem like I have more to say...(or the Anti-Tricky Dick speech)
Hi friends. Bet you thought your buddy Jason had left you out in the hot summer sun without any updates on the site. Truth is I have been busier than a fry cook in a truck stop (with less fried food smell in my clothes, thankfully). The upside to the long dry spell on good ole shellen.com is that I will never announce that I am 'taking a break' or 'putting things on hold' or 'coming up for air'. Apparently that is the proper etiquette. Miss Manners be damned. If I want to take a break, well I will just do so without telling you. How you like me now?

Truth be told most of the people that visit this site (both of them) know why I have long empty stretches. I never receive email saying, 'What the hell?'. The fans usually just ask me casually as we sit poolside drinking beer, 'What's with the updates dude?' and 'What's Mom making for dinner?'. Makes things easy. In fact, I would like to take a second to lambaste those of you who have made a big deal about the recent weblog closures and are now considering closing your 'blog' as a result. Prepare for your lambasting. Ready?

Unfortunately a lot of time has been spent on doing something that doesn't produce revenue or sometimes lasting enjoyment and for some that is what is the final kicker. Paying for bandwidth or keeping things current is a real concern for those who seek perfection in what they do. I genuinely understand that. Recently over beers in San Francisco, Dack explained his reason for throwing in the towel at dack.com. He said ' I think that when something becomes popular it starts to suck. dack.com was getting popular and I didn't want it to suck.' Hard logic to argue with especially when you aren't being paid to create. I also wonder if people would be as hung up on Kurt Cobain if he were still around? Sorta the James Dean only-the-good-die-young cool factor if you will.

The only problem now is that if you shut down your site it will look bandwagonesque. Shutting down your site has now become 'the thing to do'. I predict resurrection will be 'the thing to do' in another 2 months. Save yourself the trouble and don't stop, just produce the same drivel we have come to know and love. People don't have to visit if they don't like you or the things you have to say. This is why I don't regularly read RNC.org. Isn't the web great? Besides death ain't cool, except to those girls that paint their nails black and have boyfriends that make them listen to SlipKnot.

That's what I recently told Ian anyway and he concurred. So as the anti-thesis to this morbid trend. Ian and I have vowed to 'not' stop our sites. That's right. Suck as they might shellen.com and blawg.com must forge on and remember our fallen brethren by producing copious amounts of drivel (as time allows). Cobain and Dean cool we might lack, but we will be sucking well into our graying, senior care facility years. That's right I said it. Like it or don't, you'll always have us to kick around!

who's with me?


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