While checking out my referrer logs, a list of sites that link to shellen.com, I found a curious entry on the Spanish weblog done by Eduardo Arcos. Here are the (poorly translated) results via Google:
Friday, April 13, 2001
The things by pyra (now only Blogger) it seems that they are improving... I imagine that the way has not been very pretty since the things were not well but reading this post of Ev in which it tells us that despues of about two months that the company handled single, has entered a new member.
Then good, I out of danger feel like or of which the things by alla are seen or, the great community of webloggers this :-)
Indeed 'the way has not been very pretty' but it's coming around.

Why did I chose to take French in high school? You really don't see a lot of imigrant French in California. Did I think that I would often be in France or Belgium? Could it have been it's connotation with the kissing of the same name? Silly I tell you. I wish I had taken Spanish. I will one of these days.


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