Murderer returns to the scene of the crime
Every so often some of the kids playing on the pixelated playground decide to: All of the above are fine things to do, except that they are online and people begin to notice and gather around as if a train had run over the spot formerly occupied by this particular entity. But does anyone go back to the former site months later to leave flowers at the foot of their monitor pedestal to pay their respects? Well, I do.

My favorite 'death' recently is the site of a friend currently in Japan. His site was an open soul bearing kind of site, not much to hide. I used to link to it over on the right bar 'recommends', but after his first death announcement I removed it. Well this is the worst rigor mortis ever. Almost daily now the death notice has been changing, never failing to bring a grin to my face. The dead is now the undead. RIP Gangcandy. You zombie you.


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