May Day... I repeat, May Day... our ship is taking on water.
Ok, maybe it isn't funny to emulate a distress signal but c'mon it is May 1st, May Day. Of course, May Day has always conjured up images of Russian tanks and soldiers marching around the Kremlin, for me. Red stars and cold hazy skies, with military songs playing in the background.

But that was the past. That was pre-Pepsi ad with Russian kids in a grunge rock band just kickin' it. Not a care in their minds about communism, they just wanted sugar water man, not oppresive governments.

May 1st is probably different in the former Soviet Union now. They probably just order in at the Kremlin instead of having that big parade. McDonalds I bet. They probably Serbia Size it for another 39 rubles. The only songs playing in the background are old Dead Kennedy and Nirvana songs covered by those grunge rock former-commies. I bet that's there band name. The Former Commies.

The only thing cold and hazy now is how a huge regime was toppled only to swap communism with consumerism. I have underestimated the power of advertising agencies, I do believe. Happy May Day.


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