I have taken some of the finest over-the counter-drugs available
After a brief respite, I am now worse than ever. Sneezing, watering eyes, and that weird itch in my throat. What is up with that itch? I wish I could scratch it. My eyeballs feels so fuzzy I feel like mowing them. Mowing. That is what has gotten me in this spot in the first place.

Early this week, the dull hum of a mutant bee began in my neighborhood. The groundskeepers for this development began weed whacking every piece of grass in site. I am sure that is a good thing ultimately for fire safety but for now I feel as though I have breathed it all in. On top of this we have 50 mph winds blowing in the Bay Area right now, making sure that every city has it's share of airborne pollen and irritants.

The shelf at the supermarket was actually out of Visine. Guess I'm not alone. I have also received a lot of advice at a couple of family events last weekend, take this drug, take that drug. Every time I have actually tried the 'preventative' allergy medications they take it off the market for side effects. I think the last one I took before it's discontinuation was causing people to lose a finger or two.

Maybe soaking my eyeballs in Jell-O would help. I'll let you know.


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