From the 'I wish this weren't the truth' department
Web designer David Grenier's,
Phrases guaranteed to make web developers want to kill you.
A small sampling...
  • 'I was looking at this other site and it was cool. Can you make mine look like that?'
  • 'Can’t you just build it and I’ll write the content later?'
  • 'I’m not sure what I want, I just want it to be cool.'
  • 'My cousin is a webmaster. He built my band’s webpage. It looks really cool too.'
Sadly every web designer has heard these requests and more. If you are/were a client of mine, know that I love/loved doing business with you and please note that Mr. Grenier's experiences don't reflect the same kind of relationship that you and I have. You should still read his article though. It's rare when you get a chance to see exactly what is at the root of anyone's particular job frustrations.

[link via netwert ideapad ]


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