Art by the pound
A recent bit of spam email caught my attention...
For a limited time.... Beautiful, 100% Custom Websites, $389 Complete! Get a first class, Custom Web Site (or yours redesigned) for only $389!* (add a Flash intro, $199!) Includes up to 6 pages, java rollover buttons, feedback forms, more. It will be constructed to your taste and specifications. We do not use templates. Our sites are completely custom.
These must look really nice. I mean $389 Complete. Phweew!

Actually this reminds me more of when those guys walk into your office uninvited hawking artwork. 'Hey, need any art?' 'Your walls look bare, you could probably use a crappy Monet print. Maybe a bald eagle with an F-15 in the background. Maybe one of those 3D posters? C'mon man they are only $30!' No thanks.

You can put any price on art but be wary of people who hold art in the same league as an oil change.


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