For a while now in the housing development where Allison and I live, we have noticed an interesting anomaly.

There is a realtor by the name of Bob Baptiste in these parts. In fact, he represented the seller of our home. We worked with of course, a buyer's agent and never met Bob.

Fast forward a year or two and pretty much every house in the development has been bought or sold. Within that time span, almost all sold by Bob Baptiste. In fact, houses that are not offered by Bob Babtiste are 'slow to move', ' have trouble grabbing buyers', and are 'burned to the ground'. Ok, got caught up in the story with that last line. In any case, Allison or I have never met, seen, or spoken to Bob in this time. We see his face on business cards, flyers, mailings, the side of those 'HOME OPEN' signs but no Bob!

Then it dawns on us. Maybe there is no Bob Baptiste. Maybe this is like in the Princess Bride with Dread Pirate Roberts! Could this be Dread Pirate Baptiste?

Our theory is that once upon a time there was a Bob Baptiste but then Bob simply trained a look alike, sold him the business, and went on his merry way. This process could repeat itself for years. Who wouldn't want to have their home sold by a handsome, active, 30-something guy. This is quite a little scheme that Bob thought up.

I hope the Dread Pirate Baptiste will forgive me for blowing his cover, and that sometime in my mid-thirties that the current Dread Pirate Baptiste will consider selling me the business (or at least not mind when it's time to use his services).


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