Fank You
Well damn. It seems that every time I get an idea to do something fun with this site I have been beaten to the punch. A while ago I had something called the Lexicon running on this site. It was a place that you could upload words that were slang or made up words that you wanted to share. I pulled it down to improve the database but never got around to it. Enter the PSEUDOdictionary.
This is the place where all of your made up words, slang, webspeak and colloquialisms become part of the dictionary as well. we take the words you use every day, but aren't in the dictionary, and put them into ours. all you have to is submit them. you'll even get credit and a link to your website (if you've got one). help us grow our dictionary by sending us your entries now! everyday more entries are added, so check back often.
I have already entered a few. If you can't beat 'em, join em. Now go check it out, I need to get back to my yuppie gunfight.

[link via kottke, yes again]


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