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So lots of stuff going on.... item one, I am the featured DJ over at dack.com this week. If you want to give it a listen and hopefully a favorable rating click here. It's not for the faint of heart, some of the artists use words that I don't choose to sing at high volumes. As Dave Barry says in his book Big Trouble " I did not necessarily want the characters to use this type of language; some of them just went ahead and did. That's how some characters are."

This also coincides with the redesign of a little side project I have going called musicrag. I started it a few months back but haven't had time to give it all my loving. Now that it has been redesigned I hope to be publishing over there more and more. If you are interested in finding any of the music from The Show, I have posted the set list and links over at musicrag. Mainly musicrag is a place for some friends and I to post our rock interviews, pictures, and other good stuff. (For the techies, it was done in XHTML and CSS and is still compliant with Netscape 4!!! ) . In any case check it out.


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