how do i love thee...

Allaire Homesite 4.5.2, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways. If you read this and know me personally, then this is just going to be one more thing that will confirm in your mind that I am a web geek. To continue reading will hurt your eyes and maybe your head as well. If you came here from elsewhere, then you are just as big a web geek as I and will want to lavish me with gifts for pointing this out.

When one converts a document in Word 2000 via the 'Save as web page' function, it doesn't do such a great job. It's funny because Word 97 did an ok job, but Word 2000 just adds all this new code to your document, making it bloated and supposedly editable on the web. This is pretty bogus because you have to run something called Office Server Extentions or some such nonsense for you and your workgroup to even use this, but I digress.

Anyway, the HTML editing tool that I use every day is called Homesite 4.5.2. It has a little documented feature that I just found called HTML Tidy. In it, you can click a button called 'clean up Word 2000 HTML' , run HTML Tidy and come out with decent code. This normally takes a good half hour by hand. It also has a feature that will convert font tags to CSS as well. I am blown away. Being the code monger that I am, no WSIWYG here, I am humbled yet again by this excellent program. 5 stars, really.

You may now continue your web geek assumptions....or lavishing of gifts.


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