Funny thing about this page...
It is sometimes a place for me to rant about the latest in web technology or some kind of new gadget, client, job or interesting news tidbit. Sometimes this space is used to let my carbon based friends know what I did last weekend, or for the casual surfer to find out what a 27 year old married guy out in California does with his time. Of all the community sites I have been involved with nothing has been quite as remarkable as the little phenomenon that began with Jack last Thursday.

Family and friends from all over the globe reading this little corner of the web. Quite a thrill. The 50 to 100 of you who stopped by in this time have been more exciting than the 100,000 a month I used to get over at another little site. It's rare that I know personally all the visitors to this web site. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for all the email to Taylor and Theresa, little Jack and the rest of our family.

Ok, as Grant said on his site, "Next post: Less mush, more action!".


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