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Amazing discoveries week on continues...
Hi kids. Today brings another geeky goody and a correction.

Coffee Cup Software, makers of the web cam software I use on this site, have just introduced Free Viewer Plus v.2.5. Not only is this free, but also a viewer and plus. But seriously, FVP is great. You can open an image in a Windows directory and then tell it to view forward or backward in the directory like a deck of cards but with your images. It has an image slicer and a direct FTP tool that lets you upload any image just by right clicking and telling it the directory on the server to send it to. Although the HTML gallery creation tool is a hard one to beat as well, it still has a few kinks to work out.

But the most remarkable feature yet is the right click preview. That's right any GIF, JPG, BMP, and even PSD files will now show you a thumbnail image upon right clicking on it. If you are like me you grab images all day long off the web and have a very cluttered looking desktop. File names are not always the best way to tell what an image looks like and launching yet another application takes time. This is a great time saver. A recommended download. Coffee Cup's other tools are also good and worth checking out as well.

From the correction department:
A few readers have pointed out that the HTML Tidy feature from within Homesite 4.5 that I raved about the other day, is actually freeware developed by/for the W3C and that they deserve my credit and adulation. The page that talks about HTML Tidy is pretty interesting and exposes a bunch of good freeware editors and standalone products. You can even integrate HTML Tidy into any program YOU may be building. Anyway, I sit corrected.


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