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There has been a lot of emphasis on 'burning' or copying things to CD these days. The RIAA has their panties in a wad about Napster users copying their illegally downloaded music to disc. Apple's new slogan is Power to Burn and they are including DVD burners and CD-RW drives on most of their machines as of January. Most PC users I know have been purchasing CD-R or CD-RW drives with wild abandon and can't get enough of them. There was a time when CD burners didn't work so well. Was it the software, I wonder? Anyway, you could count on making coasters out of a good percentage of your backup attempts a few years ago. Now that doesn't seem to happen quite as often. I used to be under the assumption that USB as a technology was too slow to be of any use for CD-R purposes but having just purchased an Iomega ZipCD for the company I am consulting for, I can say that the 4x write speed is not bad and pretty reliable. However, if you aren't ready to rush out and drop between $100 to $300 on a burner then here are a couple of services you may be interested in.

A friend over at the LA-based tech incubator Sivi told me about the launch of their newest service X burn. The idea is that you can point Xburn to files on the internet that you want compiled onto a CD and they will send you the disc for the rock bottom price of $5.95, that includes shipping. The disc will include some ads in the near future but my source tells me that right now there isn't anything but your data on the disc. For a slightly higher price ($14 additional) they will burn your FreeDrive account (if you have one) to CD. This service isn't for everyone and to avoid copyright issues Xburn doesn't do MP3 for now.

For those of you with slightly higher data duplication needs, starting at 500 discs and more, Jeff Lebson over at SFMusician.com was telling me about his great bulk CD duplication rates. I am not sure if these rates are set in stone but they seem to be pretty damn good. Music data or whatever, you give him a master and they will dupe it. If you mention my name, Jason Shellen, Jeff will sing any Grateful Dead song or throw in an extra disc with your order.


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