Antique browsers won't fetch a dime at auction
Ev may be right in his assement of it being time to bite the bullet in terms of forcing people to upgrade their browsers. With this in mind before we start sending the SS to every house with non-compliant browsers, let this be your final warning. Run, don't walk over to the upgrade page over at Upgrading your browser to the latest version allows designers to design better looking sites with many more ways to serve up content. So for the sake of designers everywhere cast off that horse and buggy of yours (I am talking to you if you are still using IE/Netscape 3 or below) and upgrade to a shiny new car. Only cars cost cold hard cash and browsers are free! Operators are standing by, again that number is 800.BRW.ZRUP act now and receive the instant messenger of your choice. recommends IE 5.


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