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bday dad

Happy Birthdays! Happy Birthday to my Dad, Jay! Send him a birthday email (or just bug him to begin updating his weblog.) Also Happy Birthday to Julianne, Allison's sister. What a crazy day to have a birthday. Just think one day off and you could be turning just 14 today, Dad. Ok, one day and a year. Sue me.
Don't be a Vader Hater
Star Wars Gansta Rap over at Atom Films.
Your childhood memories = $498.13
I have a sad confession to make. I have a lot of toys, and I am not talking about the latest Palm device or Nikon camera. It's not like I play with them. They just sit there in the garage. Star Wars, Robotech, G.I. Joe, Transformers and more. I used to hate hearing when I was 12 or 13 about the kids on my block strapping a firecracker to the back of a G.I. Joe and sending him on "one last tour of duty". I would always think "Money down the drain." (This is how I know I am a true capitalist at heart.) I would always think "Man in 10 or 20 years that's going to be worth something", wishing someday that I would have the last laugh. Apparently I didn't have all my childhood toys boxed up in my garage. Mom "made me" take home my old Millennium Falcon (still in it's original box) and the Death Star to store in my garage. After cruising thru the eBay section for Sci-Fi toys, how geeky is that, I fou…

music biz

The truth hurts
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side."
- Hunter S. Thompson
These thoughts on the music industry and more at

css and html in an all out cage match

CSS vs. HTML in an all out cage match!
Dack posted today that he wasn't sure that FONT and TABLE tags were going anywhere anytime soon. I had to see if I could do without them while recreating the poll he was talking about, using only CSS. You can see the HTML vs. CSS page here. Even though it can be pulled off, I still think you should still listen to my advice from the other day.

Mitch better have my bunny

Charlie Hunter has done it again. A fresh batch of MP3's, artwork for the jewel case and all available here. These are from his recent six night session at Yoshi's in Berkeley. Grant has a review of one or two of these shows here. Although it's not the greatest track of the set, my favorite track name is Mitch Better Have My Bunny. A jazz musician with a sense of humor about gansta rap. You gotta love it.


Doing Buddy Holly proud
Well it has been quite a while since I purchased glasses for myself. For medical reasons anyway. I think most of my friends know that I have a sunglass addiction dating back to my youth. I think the first time I proclaimed "Man I do look bitchin' in these shades" I was about 4 and they had little Batman symbols in each corner of the frames. So Allie and I went down to Lenscrafters and tried to get hip for 2001. I don't know if it worked. You be the judge. I think I went a little over the top and ended up just north of looking like the joke shot on my bio page. Oh well. I only need them for driving and fooling people into thinking I am brainy.

burn it

get burnt
There has been a lot of emphasis on 'burning' or copying things to CD these days. The RIAA has their panties in a wad about Napster users copying their illegally downloaded music to disc. Apple's new slogan is Power to Burn and they are including DVD burners and CD-RW drives on most of their machines as of January. Most PC users I know have been purchasing CD-R or CD-RW drives with wild abandon and can't get enough of them. There was a time when CD burners didn't work so well. Was it the software, I wonder? Anyway, you could count on making coasters out of a good percentage of your backup attempts a few years ago. Now that doesn't seem to happen quite as often. I used to be under the assumption that USB as a technology was too slow to be of any use for CD-R purposes but having just purchased an Iomega ZipCD for the company I am consulting for, I can say that the 4x write speed is not bad and pretty reliable. However, if you aren't ready to rush ou…
Antique browsers won't fetch a dime at auction
Ev may be right in his assement of it being time to bite the bullet in terms of forcing people to upgrade their browsers. With this in mind before we start sending the SS to every house with non-compliant browsers, let this be your final warning. Run, don't walk over to the upgrade page over at Upgrading your browser to the latest version allows designers to design better looking sites with many more ways to serve up content. So for the sake of designers everywhere cast off that horse and buggy of yours (I am talking to you if you are still using IE/Netscape 3 or below) and upgrade to a shiny new car. Only cars cost cold hard cash and browsers are free! Operators are standing by, again that number is 800.BRW.ZRUP act now and receive the instant messenger of your choice. recommends IE 5.

wireless less

I left my cell phone at home today. If you need to contact me please call 510.315.3167 and leave a voice message, or email me. Thanks.

in living color

Snow covered Mission Peak in Fremont, California
(this time in color, I had it in B&W mode accidentally the other day)

snow in california

Snow covered Mission Peak in Fremont, California
(snow is very rare here, Mission Peak is only 2900 feet above sea level!)

1ghz baby!

Your jargon source
I finally completed an upgrade to my main PC. I now have a ridiculously fast processor with an even more ridiculous sounding name. It's a 1 Gigahertz processor. Gigahertz sounds very made-up. I shouldn't be surprised by the move to Giga-this and Giga-that. After all I now have a 40 Gigabyte hard drive, it's just that it conjures up the image of the amount of energy needed by the flux capacitor in the De Lorean from Back to the Future, 1.21 Jigawatts. After a little research, I found out that the Jigawatt is actually spelled Gigawatt and is an actual amount of energy denoting 1 Billion watts. I guess giga as a unit of measurement has come into it's own. Mega has seen it's day with as well. We now have gigabyte of hard drive storage. gigabit ethernet and gigahertz processors. Actually, I think it's just about time to start throwing around the next jargon candidate. Tera. Look for it one day. The Intel 1 Terahertz processor. Say it a bunch of t…

win 2k

Always carry a spare
I could have done without this today from my main PC.


One of these things is not like the other...
This looks a lot like this. Interesting.


J Lo can't help you now
You're going down Puffy.
[Ed: Poor grammer changed per dack's request. You would think that using Blogger Pro, the included spell check would be enough. Alas no.]

really big

Shop window off Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, CA
Girl Leaves Catholicism Over Bread
Chalk up another one for bureaucracy.


Why can't FTP servers have recycle bins?
In one of the more boneheaded maneuvers I have committed this week, authorizing my FTP client to delete the art directory for this website has got to be up at the top. I even rapidly clicked past the : 'Hey, knucklehead are you sure you want to do this?' screen. Even worse I also **inadvertently** deleted Allison's site off this machine. I am pretty sure I have everything backed up but it will be a little while before I know for sure. For the time being expect some of the graphics on this site to be missing. The only reason that any graphics have shown up on this site at all is due to the caching features of Internet Explorer 5, which I just renamed and dumped back into their correct spots. Wish me luck. Sorry everyone.

hop around

Mom, are you listening?
CNET News says :To save your job hop around?.

back in action

Ok, back in action. I spoke to Cingular and I am wired and ready to go again. Call, email and text message away!


Were sorry, but the PCS subscriber you are calling is kinda screwed...
A couple of days ago I started having problems with my Cingular wireless service. They seemed to have everything under control, but today I found out that voicemail and paging/email to my phone is not working. This means that the text messaging on my contact page is not working either. I apologize if you have had trouble getting a hold of me. I will try to get this sorted out today.