No stinking badges
I am missing two of the biggest computer shows around right now, Macworld in SF and the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. For the first time in about 6 years I didn't hear Steve Jobs give the opening address at MacWorld SF. I did get to listen to it on the radio on the drive in to work.

What a speaker/salesman that Jobs is. As the commentator on CNET Radio put it, "He can still sell icecubes to Eskimos". It's true. As a marketing/web/biz dev guy I have long appreciated the Jobs/Apple philosophy of taking care of customers, creating a mystique beyond the box and truly delivering on promises. Strangely I have never owned a Mac. I have marketed and designed products for Macs. I have used Macs at design agencies I have worked for but have never parted with actual paychecks to own one. I am sure this means something but I am not quite sure what at this point.


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