Hi mind if we come around and yank your phone out of the wall?
Computing is odd isn't it. I am sure if you have had an email address for longer than a year you have received the If Microsoft made cars... joke. It mainly ilustrates the fact that reliability is not something you can count on with computers.

Yesterday, the good folks at ATT@Home rang me up and asked if they could do a simple swap out of my existing cable modem for a newer model free of charge. I said ok and they sent a service guy over pronto. On a Sunday! I was impressed. I was not impressed when the gent they sent over took 2 hours, tried another modem and still couldn't get my service back up.

I said "Hey, how about you leave the old one here until you guys figure out what went wrong?" and the service guy said "Sorry. We can't do that. We already killed your account."


It is still not up and I fully expect it to be down when I arrive at home later. This got me wondering what other services would leave you in such a bind. I can't imagine if the gas, electric, water or other services pulled this kind of crap on a regular basis. I am sure that they would be out of business by now.

ATT@Home has now joined an equal ranking among some of the stupidest companies I know of. It won't surprise me if another telco joins the list soon.


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