Bling, bling baby!
Whenever I am in a designerly mood I throw on the headphones and listen to a lot of electronica and hip hop. Lately I have listened to so much that I fear my heartrate will permanently get stuck up in the 130 bpm range. I gotta cool off. (Incidentally, look for a fresh look on in the next few weeks. All the cool kids are redesigning for 2001 and I don't want to be behind the curve.)

On a good note, I have been listening to Fatboy Slim's Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars which is a good party album, but this one, On The Floor At The Boutique, is even better. You can almost feel the walls of The Boutique in Brighton pulse when he spins Michael Jackson. "Michael Jackson, now look what you've done." I have also been listening to a great 2-disc set that is part of the Global Underground series. This one is by Sasha, Vol. 9 : Live in SF and will cause much rump shakin'.

While still on the musical tip, get your bootie over to and pick up tickets to the Weezer show coming to a town near you. I bought mine before I realized that The Get Up Kids were opening for Weezer and now I am doubly stoked. Hope to see you there and thanks for not laughing at the dearth of Native California speak.


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