Remember when offline publications used to die?
Last year I wrote a few articles for a local music magazine called "Vamp". My interview with jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter done for MusicianReview was reprinted by Vamp as well as a few others. I wondered why I hadn't heard from the editor in a while. That is until I found this on creative director, Mike Bohatch's site:
"VAMP Magazine had a run of 10 issues between the years of 1999 -2000. Promoted as the Bay Area's premier leading music magazine resource for local music, artists and events. VAMP featured monthly showcases of national and local Bay area acts as well as in-depth current reviews on shows....Due to format changes and a move into Surf and Skate, Vamp suffered the ill-fated publication death."
Guess I should have used the full page ad the editor promised me a few issues ago. The editor actually told me once "Yeah, I don't have an email address 'cause it's gotten me in trouble before. People expecting me to reply and stuff." True story.


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