Live from Los Angeles
About the only thing worthwhile at the Webnoise show was the free bag for conference attendees. Coincidentally, the same bag kottke recommended after a recent search for THE END ALL BE ALL LAPTOP BAG.

I was going to see Paul Oakenfold while in LA but Ryan ended up sick and unable to scare up tickets anyway. So a decent second choice was to go to the record release party for Fisher at the Temple bar in Santa Monica. This is the famous act that is now signed to the Farmclub / Interscope label. A great singer, very Tori, Sara, Jewel, and Natalie Merchant sounding. A recommend for fans of those female rockers(?). Of course it wouldn't really have been an LA experience without a little star spotting. Valerie Bertinelli was in the crowd and is an ardent Fisher fan. Absent however was her husband, Eddie Van Halen. He must have had babysitting duties.

Now for some sleep before the noise and bustle of The Strip and more engineers than you can shake a stick at.


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