I flipped the bird

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. This was my first time playing host for Thankgiving dinner. Allison took on the task of cooking the bird. (Do they make a tofu turkey?) I got to help by turning the bird after an hour (a Fitzpatrick family trick). I did this primarily so that when my Mom came over I could tell her "I flipped the bird". How childish.

Dinner was great. All of my family and all of Allison's family. No fistfights and one surprise guest. My brother-in-law, Peter, brought his brand new border collie named Phoebe. She was the hit of the party. I liked her so much that I decided to buy one for Allison and I.

That's right. I am a dog owner. I have never thought of myself as a dog person. I had a couple of bad dog experiences growing up. From the Scottish terriers next door getting into our yard and chasing me (c'mon they are scary when you're 5) to the girl I dated who had a Boxer the size of a Porsche who loved to bound up to me and go paws first towards the family jewels. Never had a reason to love a dog, until now.

Our dog is named Penny (sorry for the blurry shot, she moves around a lot). She is 9 weeks old and is Phoebe's sister. She is my very first puppy or dog for that matter. The only other pets I have owned have been fish. It was pretty sad when we were little. We used to have goldfish named Rover and Fido. Just add that to the long list of things that I never knew I wanted when I was a kid. It wasn't that my Mom was strict, I just asumed it was out of the question. An aside, if you knew your Mom would let your youngest brother play the electric guitar any time he pleased after you moved out of the house, wouldn't you be the least bit peaved? I never knew to ask for an electric guitar or a dog. Makes me wonder about that machete I had my eye on too.

So here I sit at work with my dog at my side (asleep of course) a dog owner. My neighbor told me that raising kids is easier than training a puppy. I should hope so. If kids needed to go on the lawn every couple of hours I would have considered the priesthood.


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