Election thoughts revisited
A while back I set up a discussion room on this site about the election and my brother, Taylor left his thoughts on the whole affair. I am reprinting it here because I could really use a laugh today.
I live in the republic of PatoBantanMishuMishu, so my vote may seem unimportant but, I think I should express my opinion. I will vote for the first candidate that addresses the wild boar issue and pushes for funding to erect a fence around the huts. Just yesterday two young ladies were dragged out of their beds by wild boar.

I would also support candidates in favor of poison dart control. I think that a waiting period for poison darts would give time for an enraged citizen to cool off, and there's alway's the opportunity to battle with clubs in the meantime like sensible adults. I hope that I've swayed voted with my insight about these important issues. Good night and Goballatubulla bless.



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