This feels like a multiple post day
...yep, it is. I hardly know where to start. I guess I will bust out the list of recent happenings...
  • I updated the archives with some older stuff from 10/31/98 - 5/1/2000. Including classics like the Pac Bell check and the Personal Testimony.
  • I hope the festive nature of the header reflects that I am a Halloween fan and not that I am colorblind (apologies to those who are)
  • My wife, Allison has a dirty story for you. A must read.
  • Ryan was royally screwed. If you are reading this, I am sorry. I hardly know what to say.
  • It's good to be a geek this week. Handspring just introduced the latest addition to their line of Springboard modules, the Visor Phone. Your pockets will be short one less gadget if this kind of of compaction continues. I suggest getting rid of wallets too.


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