Not nostalgic for college food (anymore)
Tonight I had a fleeting glimpse back into my college days. I went out to my alma matter SMC to help my sister-in-law Jeannine get her computer wired up to the new dorm ethernet system (something which I would have killed for 5 years ago). After fussing with the wireless Tut boxes for a while and deciding that there was no signal we bailed and went to dinner at Saga.

At Saint Mary's they call the main dining hall Saga, supposedly nicknamed after the former food vendor. Marriott, the new food vendor of about 10 years, isn't very pleased that everyone refers to it by it's former name because of it's horrible reputation of Saga food being barely edible. I hate to break it to Marriott but they might want to drop the act and get cracking on better food to beat that association.

It really was a Saga or at least an ordeal. The smell hits you like a brick wall. Brownish meat, every member of the starch family represented, and plenty of dodgy looking soups and always the bailout sandwich bar. At dinner during my tenure at SMC, you could always count on some pasta that was boiled as if they were trying to sanitize it rather than cook it. Very overdone and still being prepared in the same fashion today.

The saving grace was always dessert. Any meal could be saved by a nice piece of chocolate cake or in tonight's case 2 pieces of white cake with a thick gooey layer of vanilla frosting. No protein in cake but by God I hope someone is looking into rectifying that problem soon.

My last recollection of Saga before today was a great and misleading memory. I remember enjoying the food. I engaged in witty banter with the help. I probably went back for seconds and maybe even thirds. It was the last day of my Senior year. I was bombed and surrounded by friends. I could never top that one and really don't have the liver for that anymore.

All in all my nostalgia for college, which I thought included the food, was shattered a bit. I'll be ok. I will just have to push those memories aside and focus on my good memories of campus life that can't be tainted by a visit to the scene of the crime. Riding bikes up and down the 2nd floor dorm hallways, dj'ing my radio show every Monday night and of course Life "Naked People" Drawing class. Mmmm.... better.


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