I feel like a secret service agent
Not only because I got a nifty new phone with one of those ear bud thingies, but because I have had more near misses with disaster in the past year than the dudes that are supposed to jump in front of bullets for the prez.

Here are a few examples...

  • Healthshop.com scheduled to interview me at the end of February 2000. I checked out the site and declined the scheduled interview. Healthshop closed shop a month later. Born July 1998 - DiedApril 10, 2000
  • I left ConsumerReview.com's MusicianReview.com in March. A replacement is hired and then let go in re-org and lay-offs in July 2000.
  • I was begged to interview at Kibu.com in September 2000 by a headhunter. I said "Hey, I don't think I want to be involved in a content site for girls. How are they going to make money?" Company closes doors forever 2 weeks later! Born 4/99 - Died October 3, 2000. RIP
I could go on and on about companies that I have interviewed with or entertained offers that have now seen their stock plummet, are now "re-evaluating their strategy", or have had serious cutbacks (i.e.: Abilizer.com, Organic, RareMedium...)

It's scary really and I hope for those of you sticking it out at companies with shaky business plans that you can stick it out and find something that works. It isn't easy jumping in front of bullets and I have even more horrible stories to tell in private but for legal reasons cannot do so here. I don't care if you are a secretary or the new CEO, make your future employer describe how they plan to make money. I know it sounds silly but donut shops and pretzel stands wouldn't stick around if they couldn't make money so why should yours just because they make some cool app or service. You might want to wear a Kevlar vest after hearing what they have to say.


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