Democracy slipping away?
PBS is currently giving free airtime to presidential candidates through Friday, November 3. The two major party candidates are receiving two and a half minutes at the end of the News Hour with Jim Lehrer to address viewers directly. PBS is providing four nights for Al Gore and four nights for George W. Bush. But, this offer was not extended to all the candidates.

Please write the News Hour with Jim Lehrer (email: & and ask them why they are shutting out 3rd party candidates like Ralph Nader. Below is the email I submitted to them. Feel free to send a similar letter to the addresses above.

Subject: Please allow 3rd party candidates the right to airtime

To whom it may concern at PBS,

I has been quite an election thus far but the attention has been mainly focused on only 2 parties candidates. If you are offering FREE airtime to only the Democrats and Republicans, then I feel that your "public" broadcasting system has failed. Please reconsider this decision.

Why are you going along with the rest of the American media? Be original. Be bold. Most of all, please support true democracy in America.


Jason Shellen

Green party supporter


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