Ok, I might know it if it bit me.
I know my friends and family have joked about my house being in the sticks but tonight I might finally have to concede. Deer, raccoons, lizards, fox, hawks and possum didn't have me quite convinced somehow but I do believe I am in the wilderness.

Being relatively citified I turned the TV on mute when I heard what I thought were maracas. On second notice of aforementioned maracas, I realized that this was in fact a real live honest to goodness RATTLESNAKE. Now, I don't like spiders but like Indy, "I hate snakes!". How does one handle rattlesnakes near the garbage cans? Ask.com linked to a site that suggested getting pigs "Because pigs eat snakes and apparently they can't bite through pigskin". If anyone has a loaner pig let me know.

I for one have an idea... moving. Anyone interested in a 4 bedroom / 3 bath in the Bay Area drop me a line.


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