Oh wait, I guess I was totally off base about the tobacco companies. (or Customers are such a nuisance)
Geez, I can't believe what a fool I have been. I just watched a commercial from Phillip Morris about their sponsorship of a Meals on Wheels program. I guess years of making addictive chemicals has put them on the offensive and they are now trying to put a positive spin on that whole "lung cancer" debacle. You know you could probably paint a daisy on the handle of your 9mm and show babies cavorting with them but it isn't going to make people feel safe around guns.

Phillip Morris (who own Kraft and Miller Brewing) still equals bad irresponsible corporation turned conspiratorial do-gooders. Adbusters.org has more info on your favorite tobacco/condiment/beer company.

I guess my main beef with companies like Phillip Morris is the lack of responsiblility. In some cases companies like PM show a lack of business accumen as well. I mean honestly. I saw a bumper sticker today proclaiming the always popular sentiment EAT BEEF (of course this was while passing the local rodeo, I am not kidding and I will have to explain that one in another entry). Aside from sounding a bit like what you would tell an enemy of yours to do, this is an odd thing to post on your 4x4. But wait you say, "This is preservationist in nature. Maybe the guy with the 4x4 is a rancher. Maybe if you didn't eat beef this guy would lose money." And this is where my lack of business sense theory comes in.

Any time that a business needs to go on the offensive to get people to swing back to their way of thinking are very bad at listening to their customers. In the rancher example, the aforementioned cow puncher could have taken a look around the grocery store or invested in a little market research to discover that chicken sales and vegetable patties are on the rise while beef declines. When customers send markets a message the producers should listen. This rancher could then decide whether or not to continue raising cattle, raising less cattle and supplementing his ranch with a couple of chicken coops, or hang up his Wranglers and invest in a course down at the local junior college to get his MCSE certification. An aside, EAT BEEF? EAT BEEF? What kind of crap slogan is that? That should work as well as Nancy Regan's JUST SAY NO. Please be more creative in the future, this is your last warning.

Point being, listen to your customers or at least do the socially responsible thing and not make products that kill people. A free piece of advice for Phillip Morris: Stop lobbying Washington about relaxing regulations. For the 50 years that you knew you had an addictive, bad product you could have changed the tide in America. You could have become the largest paper company in the world. How? Lobby Washington to legalize hemp. Use your industrial knowledge of tobacco crop with hemp and viola! Hemp = paper = happy trees. By the way, this is not the kind you smoke at the Aerosmith concert this is legit.

Ok, I need to go to bed but when I wake up I hope everyone will begin forming socially responsible, customer centric businesses. Get cracking!


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