Nuts to Tivo

Tivo is giving away 10 Tivo's a day until Oct 31st in a 250-word essay contest. I entered and was sadly, already denied. Below is my Tivo essay. Don't you think I should have won?
Tivo Essay
When I was a wee boy, by wee I mean 7, I watched the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday. One Sunday, they played a movie about a guy that chose the stuff they played on TV. It was a young guy that I could relate to at the age of 7, not like those 52-year-old stiff TV exec types. 7 year-olds have a tough time relating to them for some reason. Anyway, I can't remember the name of the movie but I am pretty sure there was a chimp or an orangutan in this movie. Every show had some kind of ape in the 70's. I am sure they had a good reason for this but I always thought it odd and am glad now to see that the "monkeys equal good TV" era is over, but I digress.

Ever since that movie aired I dreamt of owning my own TV station, controlling what goes on the air and which comedians get the coveted Thursday night 8pm slot. I would run reruns of The Simpson's at 10pm instead of hearing how tomorrow is going to be another scorcher. I would put music videos on first thing in the morning to help folks wake up and action movies during the middle of the day to spice up the lives of mom's at home with their young ones.

Of course it might be better to spare everyone else my programming sense and leave me alone with a Tivo and my dreams.

Maybe you will have better luck?


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