More Shellens or hide the children
Turns out that my plea on the About page for other Shellens to contact me has not gone unnoticed. It turns out that sisters Teri (Theresa) and Chris (Christina) Shellen are 3rd cousins living in the LA area and are also connected to the web design industry. Howdy girls. Hopefully we will hear from you soon on this site. Also a big shout out to Wes Shellen, their father who got the whole ball rolling by contacting me in the first place. How's Montana?

In honor of finding out about additional Shellens, I know this must be frightening to non-relatives, I have posted a few family pics. The first one is a picture taken about 1910? and was scanned in by Dad. This pic is of my great-grandfather Emil Shellen and family. The second pic is one of my personal favorites. This is my grandfather, Pendil Shellen looking pretty darn young. I will do my best to dig up more vintage photos for a larger gallery soon.


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