If computers could sweat...
Whew!!! Aside from drawing out the snakes the heat has made me question my "keep the computer on 24 hours a day" policy. Not just for the energy savings but because I could probably have used my keyboard for a wok today. I always rationalize that I don't need air conditioning at home except for maybe 10 days in the summer. I am pretty sure we are on the 10+ days of gnarly heat (cumulative). I hear the end is in sight and rather than high 90's and 100's that is should drop to 86 tomorrow. Maybe I will wear a shirt. Woo Hoo!

A few random thoughts:

  • Are they just having gymnastics and swimming at the Olympics this year?
  • Is it normal to long for your first car, a 1983 Volvo wagon, even though you have a nice car that runs all the time?
  • I am pretty sure the above Volvo problem is Grant's fault due to his recent acquisition of a 1989 Volvo wagon.
  • It is my theory that every web designer, UI guru, or just plain web professional graduated college about the same time I did and is now turning 27. Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C. I rest my case.
  • You are now logged in as: A big joke about shopping carts
  • My Cue Cat that came in the mail courtesy of Wired and RadioShack didn't recognize the barcode for the Palm IIIx. This is a problem. Also I received an email from the company that makes the Cue Cat stating that my security "may have been compromised" and offered me a $10 gift certificate at RadioShack. Oh boy. I think they have a few issues to work out. If you invested in this company run like the wind.
  • dack is the best pundit the web design industry could hope for. Check out his recent potshot on Amazon tabs. True True.


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