Comfy? Good now here is your wake-up call (or I hear Amazon carrys radar detectors)
I got my first speeding ticket since I turned 19 last night. Handed down by Moraga PD of all people. In my years at Saint Mary's College of California in Moraga, I never had any run-in's with the law. Unless you count a late night beer run where they ID'ed me AFTER the sale in the parking lot, I was 22 so everything was cool. But as we used to lament back then when our friends would get pulled over or hassled (see above) Moraga PD really don't have anything better to do.

Of course I had to take the scenic route home after visiting my sister in law out at SMC with Allison. No traffic in either direction, except for one car going the opposite direction. I thought to myself "I see a light bar. Oh it's a cop. Not to worry you are going the other direction." Just my luck, there have been some innovations in radar since my college days. They can tag you from front or rear (I wonder if they are going to get side to side). I watched in the rear view mirror as the police officer, slammed on the brakes after he had passed, make a quick U-turn and flash the lights to pull me over going the speed limit.

Yikes. So the ticket is for 53 in a 35. I wonder if I could claim dyslexia. I am pretty sure Taylor still has me beat for shock value with his recent run-in on the way to traffic school. So I guess I could slow down but then again this bad boy is only $99.


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