Bush and Gore make me want to Ralph
I know my friends will slag me for bringing up politics yet again but I think I have officially changed my mind from the time of this post. After reading some great articles and interviews with Ralph "Corvair Killer" Nader, I have to vote for the guy.

In one interview, on ZDTV Nader is asked about computers in schools and the digital divide. His answer was so dead on. He says that computers are just tools and that we have blindly accepted the mantra that computers are good for schools without really much thought. A recent article in Wired states that Ralph is not alone in this thinking.

Besides he is a straight talker and a very intelligent man. He has the backing of Michael Moore, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam. If you want to see the latest on the 2 headed beast that our political race has become check out the new Rage video for "Testify" .

If you still want to weigh in on your political views or see what others have to say check out the the poll and discussion room.


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