The funk is in the house

Just for fun you can now access this site by typing in or for that matter Why? That is a good question. All told I have about 8 domain names right now. Not all of them work and some have taken awhile to go through proper channels to restore rightful ownership. Some are for vanity, some business, but mostly because they are there and if you want a good one you better have reserved it 3 years ago.

The story behind efunk is a sad dotcom story. I thought of back in January of '99, I checked the domain, it was available and I put it in the back of my head for 2 days. I made a preliminary page and logo and went back to register the domain. Dang! Someone had bought it in those 2 days. I had to settle for I wanted to turn it into a technology / lifestyle / weblife community site but eventually got caught up in actual paid work developing community sites. It is hard to turn real money down. So will probably not point to all the time but for now it will live here.

If you want your own free domain you can visit, just remember that you don't really own it. If you want to pay for a domain I recommend Dotster, just $15 a year. To see if or are available use the box below:


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