Blessing or a curse?
I had a business phone line installed in my home office about 6 months ago. I even angled for a cool number that ends in "00" so it sounds like a legitimate business line (which it is, it just happens to be at my house).

Apparently, they gave me a well trafficked number that has made it's way onto many a bathroom wall, phone directory, billboard and blimp. In addition, my "cool sounding" business number is one digit off many respectable places of business and some not so.

The latest was a call this morning at 6:26AM. Mr. Lee Russell was looking for "Helen". The fact that my last name is "Shellen" only complicated matters. Here are some of my favorites from the past couple of months:

  • "I would like to schedule an appointment." "Oh this isn't the Hayward Tanning Salon?"
  • "Cardiology please." "Oh this isn't Eden Canyon Hospital?"
  • "Yes, we have had a raccoon here for pickup for 2 days and no one has come by yet." "Oh this isn't Animal control?"
  • "Julia, por favor. Julia no está allí?"
  • ... and many more.
To make matters interesting I have the same problem on my cell phone. If you were to dial 480 instead of 408 there is also a guy named Jason who, from what I have gathered, resells big rigs. I know this because I get a call a week for the guy. But because we have the same name, the conversation progresses a little further than normal. I can't wait to get a call from his ex-girlfriend or something.

My cell number was once owned by a guy named Dick Barkley. Dick sells air conditioning units and didn't do such a great job of informing folks that his cell number had changed. If I were smarter I would have opened an AC unit installing operation. People call Dick desperate for AC in July and August.

This is why I can't decide if this stuff is a blessing or a curse. Most of it is too funny but if Dick Barkley and I ever meet eye to eye I might ring his neck.


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