Begin the hoopla
With a sense of trepidation, I dip my foot into the month that will soon become OLYPIC MONTH. I have been keeping the Sydney Olympics out of my brain up until this point based on the fact that I have grown sick of hearing things like "The Official gelatin substance of the Olympiad is Jello gelatin substance" in years past. But today came the wake-up call. Staring right there in my face in the Sunday paper. "Tomsic, 1956 Team Had Golden Time".

They are referring to my uncle, Ron Tomsic. He played on the 1956 Olympic Basketball Team with Bill Russell down in Melbourne, Australia. They won the gold by more points than any dream team has been able to. He is in both the Stanford and Olympic Hall of Fame. Every once in a while a paper will do a public interest story on him and his experience in Australia, how he was drafted by the NBA and turned it down for a life in real estate and investing. Read the article it is pretty good, it even touches on his meeting Jesse Owens and being Nadia Comaneci's escort to the 1984 games. I don't know why any of this stuff should suprise me but it does.

I guess it's because to me he will always be the guy that could talk like Donald Duck when I was 5. Uncle Duck we would call him. Olympian Uncle Duck.


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