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Another year whips by...
27, that sounds old. Michael Jackson made Thriller when he was 25. Michael Dell was well on his way as a computer magnate by the time he was 21. Marc Andreeson had already started and left a revolution behind at Netscape by the time he was 27 and he is already well into his second huge venture now at 29. My contemporaries in the sports world make me feel even worse. Jason Kidd, also 27, who stomped the Saint Mary's basketball team into an embarrassingly huge puddle at the Oakland Coliseum back in his Cal days is now headed to the Olympics. I don't even want to talk about Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant. But at least this is the beginning of 27. I have a whole year to get going on some sort of accomplishment. I will start taking ideas today, preferably untapped, highly profitable ideas in the wireless , networking or web development industries. Just send them in. And another thing, what can you do when you are 27 that you can't at any other age. 18 …
Blessing or a curse?
I had a business phone line installed in my home office about 6 months ago. I even angled for a cool number that ends in "00" so it sounds like a legitimate business line (which it is, it just happens to be at my house). Apparently, they gave me a well trafficked number that has made it's way onto many a bathroom wall, phone directory, billboard and blimp. In addition, my "cool sounding" business number is one digit off many respectable places of business and some not so. The latest was a call this morning at 6:26AM. Mr. Lee Russell was looking for "Helen". The fact that my last name is "Shellen" only complicated matters. Here are some of my favorites from the past couple of months: "I would like to schedule an appointment." "Oh this isn't the Hayward Tanning Salon?" "Cardiology please." "Oh this isn't Eden Canyon Hospital?" "Yes, we have had a raccoon here …
Begin the hoopla
With a sense of trepidation, I dip my foot into the month that will soon become OLYPIC MONTH. I have been keeping the Sydney Olympics out of my brain up until this point based on the fact that I have grown sick of hearing things like "The Official gelatin substance of the Olympiad is Jello gelatin substance" in years past. But today came the wake-up call. Staring right there in my face in the Sunday paper. "Tomsic, 1956 Team Had Golden Time". They are referring to my uncle, Ron Tomsic. He played on the 1956 Olympic Basketball Team with Bill Russell down in Melbourne, Australia. They won the gold by more points than any dream team has been able to. He is in both the Stanford and Olympic Hall of Fame. Every once in a while a paper will do a public interest story on him and his experience in Australia, how he was drafted by the NBA and turned it down for a life in real estate and investing. Read the article it is pretty good, it even touches on h…
kiss it all goodbye...
your time that is, if you are hung up on watching Flash cartoons on like Zombie College, Hard Drinkin' Lincoln and Mr. Wong. A friend of mine who shall remain nameless, wrote to me this week after I told him about IceBox. "Dude you suck... this has been one of my all time least productive weeks, I'm addicted to yesterday I watched 3 Mr. Wongs and the entire Superhero Roommate series.... " However, I cannot be responsible for your time, you are big kids now but you heard it hear first, you will have to quit your day job if you keep this up. Plus Mr. Wong is the most offensive thing this side of blackface makeup. Beware. [ Edited 4:23PM : Turns out I am not the only one who has questions about Mr. Wong.]
I can't believe I wasted 2 hours of my life
Richard!? Richard? I can't stand that dude. Now I know I hate Survivor. Shame on me for watching.
nerds in love
If you check out the navigation, my wife, Allison is the newest edition to the web log keeping dorks that inhabit this site. See for yourself at I won't be happy until every last shellen is spilling his or her guts to the general public online. Dad & Mom watch out.
Two words: spoiled rotten
In one of the bizarre twists of life, one of my younger brothers Taylor is boldly going where I have not dared to tread myself. I only mention that it is bizarre because I had always seen myself as the one who would blaze that trail. I am perfectly fine with getting to watch from a comfortable distance and maybe even learn a thing or two from their experience. In either case, I am going to be an uncle and I am going to do my best to spoil him or her. I am not so secretly pulling for a him, although I will be happy to see a healthy baby in either flavor. Just watch the spoiling begin. As a good friend of my mother's, Frances Bender, said , "That baby's feet are never going to touch the ground". Congratulations Taylor and Theresa.
surprise or ( bet you didn't see that one coming)
It was confirmed multiple times in the last week that surprises are still alive and well and ready to jump out at every turn. I , like most people I know, am fine with change. Sudden change is a bit different and must be dealt with swiftly. I will let you know how I am doing with these changes and will even let you in on the surprises as the days press on. I am ok, not to worry anyone. Just wish me luck.
late to the party
Ok, aside from being true that I am always late to the party, you have to check this out. I bet you are normally sitting around your house saying "Man those IP addresses always have to be in a string of 4 numbers divided by decimals. I wish it could just be one long number." Well your wish has come true (or has been true for a long while and I am just catching on now). I guess its just easier to remember instead of 282582415139731 but I am here to tell you it works just the same. Check out the conversion utility at This long address thing does not work on Macs ,go figure.
hi, i stay up way too late
This used to be my pat answer for any question asked. Hey Jason, how old are you now? 15. Hey Jason, how long did you spend on the road today? 15 hours. Hey Jason, do you really love me? 15. I don't know why, but I thought it was funny. If you know me, you know that half the time I am trying to amuse others and the other half I am trying to amuse myself. So let's see how this works. Hey Jason, what time is the big beach party extravaganza going off tomorrow in Santa Cruz? I think you know the answer by now.
unless it's online right?

Far be it from me to get in the way from a message to corporate america. Courtesy of
aussie nad's
You don't stay up very late if you haven't seen the commercial for Nad's. In case you were wondering, Nads is a hair removal product. Verbage from the official website ( reads: " She started with basic ingredients like sugar and molasses and ended up with "Nad's" - a completely natural, water-soluble product that looks like green toffee and can be used anywhere on the body. Does that mean that Nad's are edible? You must check out the product demo page where they rip off a good hunk of hair from some guys legs. Just the thing to bring up breakfast or cure that hangover.
that was quick
so pointing to was short lived. I found some great code that let's you redirect a page based on the url in the address bar. I will post it on efunk once it is up and running. Currently, there is just a newsfeed there. To find the code, I went to and perused the previously answered questions. If you haven't been there it is a pretty cool site and they really will aswer anything. How about "Why 24 hours in a day?" "Why not an extra one near project deadlines?"

The funk is in the house

Just for fun you can now access this site by typing in or for that matter Why? That is a good question. All told I have about 8 domain names right now. Not all of them work and some have taken awhile to go through proper channels to restore rightful ownership. Some are for vanity, some business, but mostly because they are there and if you want a good one you better have reserved it 3 years ago. The story behind efunk is a sad dotcom story. I thought of back in January of '99, I checked the domain, it was available and I put it in the back of my head for 2 days. I made a preliminary page and logo and went back to register the domain. Dang! Someone had bought it in those 2 days. I had to settle for I wanted to turn it into a technology / lifestyle / weblife community site but eventually got caught up in actual paid work developing community sites. It is hard to turn real money down. So will probably not point to sh…
This isn't funny anymore
George W. Bush scaring anyone else. I don't like the guy. I think he is slimey. He makes me want to call the Dem's and give money. I DO like Al Gore. Not passionately or anything. In fact if the guy had a sliver of a chance, I would vote for Nader. I just don't want to steal Gore's thunder, like Perot did to Dole and Bush a few years ago. I don't know what to do to convince you to vote for the man but I have set up a discussion room right here on this site as well as the first site poll on the issue.Click here for the poll and here for the discussion room . I might be back to normal tomorrow but I kinda doubt it (I am starting to think bronchitis). Keep sending in that fan mail.
Stay Puft Marshmellow Man
You know that scene in Ghostbusters where they are trying desperately not to think of anything for fear that their thoughts will become their worst nightmare? Yeah, well take my advice and don't ponder to yourself that it has been a long time since you were sick. They slimed me.

Nine the winner!

My head hurts. I guess that is normal after a trip to Las Vegas. Only mine doesn't hurt from the drinking or the singing or the gambling. (More on these later.) No, I picked up a nasty little throat/head cold thing. Just the kind of thing that makes you need a vacation from your vacation. Props to M&P for putting us up in San Diego. Nuts to Highway 1 and the entire city of Santa Barbara, again I will explain later but as I mentioned MY HEAD HURTS. Sorry for the caps. My head is telling me to stop staring at pixels like a dope and go to bed. My eyes wanted me to leave you another pic before we go. I guess even though I don't like the dude's music you just have to see him in Vegas.The feet are dragging me away. More later ...

Bovine stank

After having passed Harris Ranch on the way down to Southern California today, the post on tofu from Monday is more relevant than ever.