Stopover blues (or howdy from 30,000 feet)
So I have already read half of the book 'High Fidelity', seen the awesome Chicago skyline and it is only about 4am Pacific.

I always get bummed out when I stop in a cool city that I would love to spend a couple hours in and I am of course trapped in a bucket seat in the airport terminal. One of these days, my devil may care attitude will get the best of me and I will take a 3 hour cab ride through Boston or Washington D.C. or Saint Louis just to see what it looks like.

Once, on a business trip to Chicago, an associate had an earlier flight than I did and tossed me the keys to the rental car. I had about 4 hours to get back to the airport. I had a half a tank of gas and a Mustang rental car. Forget the fact that I was very sleepy. (I did end up pulling over for a 30 minute nap in a seedy looking area) It was great, I drove by Wrigley Field, went to Navy Pier on the water, had a brief dinner in a Chicago pub while the Bulls were playing a finals game downtown. It was the best 4 hour vacation I have ever taken.

But today is all business and I have no desire to cruise Nashville. I guess it only works in certain towns.


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