More body checking than hockey...
I don't care who you are, Three Flies Up is still the best game in the world. I played barefoot on the beach Saturday with family and friends. I am still picking assorted twigs and driftwood from my feet. I have more scrapes than when Peter and I went downhill mountain biking at a ski resort over the 4th of July. How can a stupid game of throwing the ball in the air for others to tackle be so fun?

Plus, the heroic catches that were made beat just about anything on TV on a given Sunday afternoon. My friend Gary, who had been standing around having a beer moments before, assumed swan like grace in his dives (and sometimes rolls) to catch this wet/dry football we had bought. I don't understand it but I think I am bringing a Nerf football to all future parties (cocktail,wedding,funeral,bar mitzvah's) it is just that fun.

I just read that last paragraph and I think I might take some Motrin and lie down. I have been working pretty hard.


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