Diaryland sucks

Ok, this one is like a 2 on the relevance meter for non-webloggers. Hey fellow bloggers, remember what it was like before blogger ? Remember how happy you felt when you found blogger and then fell in love with the interface and the well executed technology and very spartan, utilitarian website? Well, just be glad you didn't sign up for Diaryland.com first. I can't describe how pitiful it would be to have the web content revolution powered by cartoon kitties and talking daisies.

Now, of course I am kidding and if you are an 11 year old girl you should feel free to like that sort of stuff and frolic in the chocolatey goodness of it all. Please say hi to Hello Kitty for me, by the way. I am just saying when you are ready to organize your Pokemon collection on the web you will be behind the pack without blogger

<< End of paid commercial endorsement for blogger.com . The news and views expressed herein are not the responsiblity of the city/state under which jason grew up in. He just can't help foaming at the mouth about this product and is maybe using this as a desperate attempt to gain access to the beta of their next version. >>


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