But I don't want a blueberry computer

I am currently at Kinko's waiting for some massive files to unstuff. "But Jason, why are you at Kinko's? Don't you have like a computer for every day of the week?" Well, yes but not one of them is a Mac.

I thought about getting one but then they got all candy coated and every latte sipping phreak bought one. Besides owning a PC is retro now. Yes, owning a PC is like wearing converse canvas high tops and liking Miles Davis. Now i just need VMWare so I can run Linux on my Windows box. Then I could think of myself as retro and a rebel. When in actuallity I would just be a corporate lemming and cheap. [ Edited: 7/17/00 : This post was not to suggest that a certain friend of mine who does run VMWare on his Windows box is a cheap, corporate lemming. He really is a retro rebel, but he is the only exception. Unless someone else sends me an email stating the contrary.]


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