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damn the infernal combustion engine
I couldn't be more frustrated with cars. I just found out my routine maintenance is now up over a grand after you count the 2 new tires, brakes, rotors, belts, oil, sparkplugs and air cooler. I could have bought 10 of these and I am thinking about using them as my primary transportation from now on. I hate you car. I know you hate me too, but we have to stop this bickering. I am glad vacation is soon. I am just now regretting my decision to drive. Money pit.

The Tofu Rant

Ok, I have a little something to admit. I like tofu. Not just a little bit. A lot. I have always been open to the idea of bypassing meat. I am not so keen on the killing of animals, but even more so I think the harvesting of the rainforest to house cattle just so I can have my damn 59 cent steroid enhanced patty down at McConsumer's (TM) is wrong. So slowly, my wife and I began eating tofu. Not the plain white cube type that you see floating in your miso soup down at the sushi bar, but in a wide variety of products. Turns out I eat tofu at least once a day without knowing it. People always laugh and make some sort of crack about the taste or what a wussy I am for eating tofu. (I oppose war, maybe you should call me a wussy for that one to while you are at it.) But people most of the time get pissed about my non-chalant attitude about not having red meat. Don't get me wrong, I haven't gone vegetarian. I will have my share of the chicken, the fish (yum) and by-products, milk…
Ponder this
People that would put a "Mean People Suck" sticker on their car are kind of mean themselves for believing others suck so openly. In reality they should put a sticker up that says "I Suck (and also I am intolerant)". What do you think?
Too busy
I hate being too busy. I guess every day I could use this generic post. If I don't slow down one day my (unborn) children will think Daddy looks like a blurry fleshy mass. I promise one decent post this week.
Hey everyone, Taylor's weblog is now hosted at : Go over there and see what he has to say. Taylor is one crazy chicken and my brother. I am not responsible for what is said in there. I guess it is really Dad's fault.
Just called Slim's to see if they would allow camera's at tonight's Weezer show. I was given a firm NO. If anyone reads this pre-show. Please buy a disposable camera that you wouldn't mind losing (er, throwing away). I will reimburse you.


I feel like going on a tirade. However, I am really busy and will let this picture speak for my trip to Nashville for the time being.
Stopover blues (or howdy from 30,000 feet)
So I have already read half of the book 'High Fidelity', seen the awesome Chicago skyline and it is only about 4am Pacific. I always get bummed out when I stop in a cool city that I would love to spend a couple hours in and I am of course trapped in a bucket seat in the airport terminal. One of these days, my devil may care attitude will get the best of me and I will take a 3 hour cab ride through Boston or Washington D.C. or Saint Louis just to see what it looks like. Once, on a business trip to Chicago, an associate had an earlier flight than I did and tossed me the keys to the rental car. I had about 4 hours to get back to the airport. I had a half a tank of gas and a Mustang rental car. Forget the fact that I was very sleepy. (I did end up pulling over for a 30 minute nap in a seedy looking area) It was great, I drove by Wrigley Field, went to Navy Pier on the water, had a brief dinner in a Chicago pub while the Bulls were play…

Yeeeee Haw!

Open mind. I have an open mind. Breathe in. You are going to Nashville, it is in the United States. Can't be to different from home. It is my first time visiting the South. I guess I will see.I will try to post from the Grand Ole Opry or somewhere near there. Peace out partners.
Frequent Flyer Miles changing the face of business
Because my CEO has many frequent flyer miles and we are running in pre-IPO mode, I am the beneficiary of many trips that incur the wrath of ticket blackout dates, and bumping. I have this to thank for my redeye flight to Nashville tomorrow going through Washington D.C.. I can feel my neck cramping up already.
More body checking than hockey...
I don't care who you are, Three Flies Up is still the best game in the world. I played barefoot on the beach Saturday with family and friends. I am still picking assorted twigs and driftwood from my feet. I have more scrapes than when Peter and I went downhill mountain biking at a ski resort over the 4th of July. How can a stupid game of throwing the ball in the air for others to tackle be so fun? Plus, the heroic catches that were made beat just about anything on TV on a given Sunday afternoon. My friend Gary, who had been standing around having a beer moments before, assumed swan like grace in his dives (and sometimes rolls) to catch this wet/dry football we had bought. I don't understand it but I think I am bringing a Nerf football to all future parties (cocktail,wedding,funeral,bar mitzvah's) it is just that fun. I just read that last paragraph and I think I might take some Motrin and lie down. I have been working pretty hard.

Diaryland sucks

Ok, this one is like a 2 on the relevance meter for non-webloggers. Hey fellow bloggers, remember what it was like before blogger ? Remember how happy you felt when you found blogger and then fell in love with the interface and the well executed technology and very spartan, utilitarian website? Well, just be glad you didn't sign up for first. I can't describe how pitiful it would be to have the web content revolution powered by cartoon kitties and talking daisies. Now, of course I am kidding and if you are an 11 year old girl you should feel free to like that sort of stuff and frolic in the chocolatey goodness of it all. Please say hi to Hello Kitty for me, by the way. I am just saying when you are ready to organize your Pokemon collection on the web you will be behind the pack without blogger << End of paid commercial endorsement for . The news and views expressed herein are not the responsiblity of the city/state under which jason grew up in. …
Macho business donkey wrestler
This is the name of Jimmy James book on a great episode of News Radio. Anyway this is one of my favorite meaningless phrases ever uttered on TV, second only to purple monkey dishwasher on an episode of The Simpsons. I know kottke would love macho business donkey wrestler too.
And another thing...
As I was paying my bill at Kinko's ($13 for an hour on a G3 Mac), it occurred to me that for those without web access there is quite a barrier to entry. I noticed another customer, a few PC's away just browsing thru some travel web sites. It occured to me that the poor guy must have wanted to plan a vacation and headed to Kinko's just to ... gasp.... browse the web. I know it is hardly a revelation but I couldn't help thinking what a rip it was for the poor guy. If he hung out there for only 2 hours there he would have payed $26. I should have told him about People PC or a similar company where he could pay the same every month and receive a PC and access. Yikes. I came home and hugged my cable modem.

But I don't want a blueberry computer

I am currently at Kinko's waiting for some massive files to unstuff. "But Jason, why are you at Kinko's? Don't you have like a computer for every day of the week?" Well, yes but not one of them is a Mac.I thought about getting one but then they got all candy coated and every latte sipping phreak bought one. Besides owning a PC is retro now. Yes, owning a PC is like wearing converse canvas high tops and liking Miles Davis. Now i just need VMWare so I can run Linux on my Windows box. Then I could think of myself as retro and a rebel. When in actuallity I would just be a corporate lemming and cheap. [ Edited: 7/17/00 : This post was not to suggest that a certain friend of mine who does run VMWare on his Windows box is a cheap, corporate lemming. He really is a retro rebel, but he is the only exception. Unless someone else sends me an email stating the contrary.]

Old Navy Crack

First let me say that Grant and I had nothing to do with the situation. We just recorded it here for your amusement. View the saucy manequin from the Old Navy in Downtown SF here.

Sappy Sentiment Alert

It is one thing to hear that a famous actor has died. It is an entirely different thing to watch one of his last films be about his characters failing health and eventual death. See you on the flip side Walter Matthau.

mesh dot-com models

If this site weren't so scary true I would be a happier man.

"Passengers with 80's hair will be cast into the ocean immeadiately"

Go see If you were smarter you would have made this site first.

Chronic halitosis?

This is the governor of California, Gray Davis. The time is about 11PM on July 3rd. I was making a late night cookie run on Albertson's in Tahoe City, we spied a few official looking cars whipping around the parking lot when I realized that Gray "Not to be confused with the color" Davis was also making a late night run.

I went back to the car grabbed the Nikon and proceded to invade the poor guy's privacy. I did feel better about myself when I could hear drunk frat boys cruising up the aisles behind him shouting "Dude, Gray Davis is the sh**." "I totally voted for you man." "Hey, do you know Bob Thomas. Yeah my dad and him are buds, so do you know him?" Snapping a picture suddenly seemed WAY more cool than calling him "The Sh**".

Being the polite guy that I am, I decided to ask the secret service agent you see in the foreground if he minded if I snapped a picture. I made sure not to say "Shoot a picture".

I receive…