On paralysis by analysis

It occurs to me every so often, mostly on days when I'm not consumed by meetings but, working from home reading about all the smart, fun, interesting things that are being launched by friends, competitors, strangers, seniors in high school, cats and the occasional fruit bat - that if you don't shut these things out at some point that one may never actually build anything and certainly without a doubt will not ship it. It also crosses my mind on days like today to yank the ethernet cable out of my router and get back to work.


Toni Maria said…
I was going to write a scathing letter to Comcast because our cable went out and we were without our phone, internet and TV for several days. After reading your entry, I realized that I did get some typing and paperwork done that I've put off for a long time.
Perhaps I should send them a thank you note instead.
May be we should go and work a couple of weeks from the beach in Hawaii...
ben said…
More / less depicts just why I gave up on concept-mapping. But I kept digging and found the pony, so can't complain!

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