Jun 25, 2007

Craig Ferguson on Pleasanton

Say, I live in Pleasanton! In fact, until recently we lived a block away from The Rose Hotel that Craig mentions. As I have told close friends, we moved about a mile further from downtown primarily to be closer to one of the six Starbucks in town that eluded Craig.

Jun 21, 2007

I've never really asked much of my readers

Other than tolerating my terse, poorly written personal posts, suffering Google product announcements, and the occasional photos - I haven't really asked much of you, my dear readers. However, my youngest brother, Grant has a band called Farewell Typewriter and they just released their first EP (that's a fancy way of saying 'a few songs shy of a whole album') and they are playing Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco this Sunday night to celebrate with an official CD-release party. They are actually opening for Trainwreck, featuring one half of Tenacious D, Kyle Gass. It should be a good time and I urge you to come on down on Sunday night or if you live too far away or have other plans then surely at the very least, you can check out their music on iTunes, Napster (people still use that?), or even MySpace.

Fun facts::

  1. Grant and I designed the album cover together. Grant's main contribution was telling me to put a phone on the cover and wincing at my attempts to make it look cool. My main contribution was knowing how to operate Adobe Illustrator. In either case the music is pop/punky in parts and good old alt-rock in others. Some have said his music has cured their ailments and brought good fortune upon their haberdasheries, but that's just what I'm told. I just know it's a good bit of music to crank up to 11 on the old gramophone. Click the album above to be whisked away to iTunes to buy the album for the low-low price of $5.94 - a bargain at any price.
  2. You may know Grant from his work on the Blogger Mobile jingle (on the upper right corner)
  3. I may know Grant from the time he scribbled on an award I won when I was 11 and he was 3. As you can see I've mostly gotten over that and am mostly supportive of his artwork these days, mostly.

Jun 11, 2007

Labor vs. Capital: Dodgeball style

Last Friday was the Labor vs. Capital 1st Annual Dodgeball tournament put together by Hunter Walk and David Hornik. It was entrepreneurs vs. VC's but this time the entrepreneurs dished out the terms. Labor took home the trophies in the end but Capital put up a valiant fight playing like they were trying to retain two board seats. Michael Bazeley from the Mercury News was there to vidblog the affair (embedded below or here if viewing in a feedreader). Yours truly appears at the 4 minute mark playing it straight. Thanks for a fun time guys.

Jun 6, 2007

I'm a patient man, but enough is enough

Alright internets... what are we going to call these things? Widgets, gadgets, modules, or apps? Other suggestions? Seriously, it's driving me nuts.

Jun 5, 2007

Two barely related things

  1. John Edwards seems like he would make a great president. Unfortunately, so do all of the other Democratic candidates. This is going to be a nail biter.
  2. The Picasa Web Albums team shipped this awesome little slideshow-embed thing that I'm going to try out with some mediocre pictures I took last week. I bet you can do better. (Also I'm guessing this won't show up in a feed reader since it uses the embed tag so I need to go write an email about that for the Reader team right now.)

Jun 1, 2007

15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever

Mr. Rogers is one of the few programs I'm happy to see my children watch. Even Sesame Street has gone downhill and overly commercial but good old Fred is still keeping it real posthumously.

When burning is a good thing

Sometimes burning is a good thing, for instance when making creme brulée, having a bonfire on the beach, or even better - burning your feeds with FeedBurner. Today Google announced the acquisition of FeedBurner. It's a deal that's been in the making for a while. Anyone who wondered why I was randomly in the Google Chicago office in the dead of winter this December will not be surprised at all that 'attending SES Chicago' was subterfuge for doing due diligence on FeedBurner with a team of folks from Google.

I've been a long-time fan of the people behind FeedBurner, in fact readers of this blog might remember I used to have a 'SpyOnIt' widget in the sidebar that would IM you when the page changed a few years ago. Dick Costolo, Steve Olechowski, Eric Lunt and Matt Shobe over at FeedBurner founded SpyOnIt before starting FeedBurner. They are all old friends and have built an amazing feed service.

FeedBurner originally began by solving the RSS or Atom issue that some feedreaders presented by only supporting one flavor. However support for all feed types is nearly ubiquitous now among feedreaders so they focused on bringing even more value and services to feeds. Some of their features include: in-feed advertising advertising, splicing photo feeds, link feeds and blog feeds into an uber-feed, providing excellent statistics and tracking for items read in feed readers as well as web analytics and much more that I'm not doing justice too. All in all I'm excited to have a passionate team aboard that has been innovating in the space that has built a great company and look forward to the enhancements they will bring to a number of areas of Google. Welcome aboard Burners!

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