I'm joining LiveJournal as VP of Product Development

From the announcement to the LiveJournal community:

We are happy to announce that Jason Shellen will be joining
the team as our new Vice President of Product Development at
LiveJournal, Inc. Jason comes to us with very relevant experience,
having been part of Pyra Labs, which created Blogger. In 2003
Google acquired Blogger and Jason went on to work as Product
Manager for Google Reader and became part of the Google New
Business Development team.

Jason will manage product development for LiveJournal, Inc.
and also oversee the pipeline of new products that SUP is
producing in other markets around the world. He'll be located
out of the LiveJournal, Inc. office in San Francisco.

More on this over the next few days. In the meanwhile, here is the official press release. I'm very excited about this opportunity and hope to build great things over the next few years.


Mike said…
Congrats, Jason! What does this mean for The Secret Agency?
Anonymous said…
Congrats man! Are you still staying in town or heading to Mutha Russia?
Anonymous said…
Current mood: surprised.

Interesting move. I expect we will see much more of you up in SF with the new gig. You should have a chance to build up a good chunk of the org as you see fit while managing the existing user base and brand. LJ has a definite international audience to provide a unique perspective into the demands and business environments of emerging markets.
willo said…
wow, right on! they're lucky to have you. :) happy holidays, jason! xo
=M said…
Congratulations! And say hi to Edward from me.
Alexander said…
Congrats Jason! You rule.
JeffSand said…
Nice Jason.

lane said…
Wow! Unexpected. Can't wait to hear more about it. Congrats!
donl said…
congrats jason....really happy for you. enjoy the holidays!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Jason. This is a great move with a lot of potential!
Rich said…
Hey I get to be first with a wasSUP!

(In my country they say I am quite funny.) :-) Good luck with the new gig.
Halcyon said…
Ho very cool!! I guess this means my LJ will make me cool, once again? Have a blast!
David said…
Jason, Congratulations!
I kept checking back to see which option you would choose... LJ is lucky to get you.
Best of the holidays to you and yours.
Hope to catch up in 2008.
David Clarke
Anonymous said…
This is a very good thing. It'll be nice to have people who get 'blogging' as well as people who get 'LJ' in charge.

A decent 'blogging' bolt on upgrade would be something I'd happily pay for. Congrats and good luck with it.
SexySEO said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ben said…
Woa, good on yuh! Say, you don't know me (I just now started following your tweets), but I've been hfx-ben and gnodal there for ?what? coming on 5 years. There's an /enormous/ body of good will there ... the reactions to SUP were, well, defensive reaction.

FWIW I use the LJ threading system as paradigmatic of good design. You and I both know how it's at once featureful and uncluttered.


p.s. does Nial always get professorly when surprised?
Ben said…
Well well ... as a long time user (Gnodal and *blush* hfx-ben) I know what I fine product you're backing.
No, really ... I try a lot but I don't use a lot. And LJ is all o'that.

know that the user-community is savvy and energetic


--bentrem / --ITGeek
SexySEO said…
Congratulations! I wish you all the best and happiness in your new job :D

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