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Too much status?

As my friend Ryan says "You can never have too much status.". That may be true but this is a lot of my laptop screen to devote to Google Talk, AIM, Twitterific, and Skype. I'm sure I'm missing some sort of Desktop app for Facebook messages as well. For all of the people who ask me why I'm not on Skype more this is the reason. Adium would help to collapse the Google Talk and AIM windows but they don't support Twitter or Skype. Google Talk doesn't have a Mac-client yet so I'm stuck with Skype for VOIP calls. C'mon meebo, how about a client app that solves some of this?

A footnote in blogging history

A long time ago (2002), Dave McClure told me 'Just think, one of these days there will be so many Blogger users you'll have to have a blogging conference!' This weeks Blog World Expo and Conference in Las Vegas isn't the first conference on blogging but it just might be the largest dedicated solely to blogging. I will be moderating the keynote panel on Thursday where I will be speaking with: Roger L. Simon CEO and founder of Pajamas Media, Jeremy Wright CEO and founder of b5 media, Brad Hill Director of Weblogs Inc. at AOL and Richard Jalichandra the new CEO of Technorati. If you have any interesting questions you would like for me to ask any of these folks, please leave them in the comments below. This is particularly fun for me since about this time seven years ago I had started doing business development for Blogger and was in Las Vegas at Comdex trying to explain to huge consumer electronics and software companies exactly what a blog was and why it would be interes…